Accessible Voting For St. John's Municipal Election 2017!

Posted: Tuesday, September 17, 2017

An ImageCast Ballot Marker is now available at City Hall for voters.  This device is for use by voters in the City of St. John's who require assistance to mark a paper ballot and to maintain privacy. Voters can use an Audio Tactile Interface or optional paddle selector or sip-and-puff device to cast a private vote. 


ImageCast is currently located on the 4th Floor, City Hall should anyone wish to view or test the device.  A YouTube video, showing the device and how it's used is available here


On election day, September 26th, the ImageCast Ballot Marker will be moved to the Paul Reynolds Satellite Drop Off Center on 35 Carrick Drive.  It is currently available at City Hall during the entire Election Period from 9 - 5 PM with the exception of weekends.   


Should anyone want further information on this device, please should contact the Elections Coordinator at 576 8619 or email


Please feel free to share this information with those you feel would benefit from this accessible voting option. A link to the City's Municipal Election 2017 page can be found here


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