Upcoming Events
March, 26, 2015

Boccia Fun Festival
Saturday,10 December 2011

Easter Seals NL Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Thursday,1 March 2012

BMO donates to Easter Seals NL
Wednesday,14 March 2012

NL Housing corporation donates to Easter Seals NL
Wednesday,25 January 2012

Gonzaga High School participates in Wheelchair Relay
Monday,13 February 2012

EasternEdge Credit Union donates to Easter Seals NL
Thursday,16 February 2012

Molson Give'R
Friday,30 March 2012

Ice Caps staff plays Sledge Hockey
Saturday,31 March 2012

Avalon Sled Dogs host Easter Seals NL
Sunday,15 April 2012

Bishops College Wheelchair Relay
Friday,20 April 2012

Mount Pearl Senior High Wheelchair Relay
Monday,23 April 2012

1st Annual Stroll and Roll
Saturday,5 May 2012

Let's Dance!
Saturday,2 June 2012

Air Canada donates to Easter Seals NL
Thursday,21 June 2012

Outstanding Paper Eggs Support
Thursday,21 June 2012

Drop Zone 2012
Saturday,21 July 2012

Drop Zone 2012 Top Fundraiser
Saturday,21 July 2012

Heddle Marine Service NL Inc. Donation
Monday,21 January 2013

WestJet Support Golf Classic
Friday,25 January 2013

OGM Masquerade Ball
Wednesday,30 January 2013

A great night of fashion at Easter Seals house
Monday,11 February 2013

RBC Support Sledge Hockey
Monday,11 February 2013

Ultramar Ltd. Support
Thursday,14 February 2013

Brownies Assist with Paper Eggs
Monday,18 February 2013

Generous donation from ExxonMobil
Tuesday,26 February 2013

Launch of Easter Seals Month
Monday,4 March 2013

Easter Seals NL officially opens inclusive rock climbing wall
Wednesday,6 March 2013

Gonzaga Wheelchair Relay
Wednesday,20 March 2013

Bishops College Wheelchair Relay
Monday,25 March 2013

Pro-Dive Marine Services Sponsor
Monday,1 April 2013

Kiewit Employees Build Easter Seals House a Storage Shed
Thursday,25 April 2013

Bell Aliant Pioneers Donate Ten Computers
Thursday,25 April 2013

EasternEdge Credit Union continues to support 'I Can Too!'
Monday,1 April 2013

Nalcor Builds Planters for Easter Seal during Acts of Kindness Week
Wednesday,24 April 2013

Air Canada Support Drop Zone
Sunday,28 April 2013

Academy Canada Students raise money for Easter Seals
Thursday,2 May 2013

West Coast Stroll and Roll a Success!
Saturday,25 May 2013

2nd Annual Stroll and Roll
Saturday,1 June 2013

Regatta Support
Wednesday,19 June 2013

Regatta Support
Wednesday,19 June 2013

3rd Annual Drop Zone a Tremendous Success!
Saturday,27 July 2013

Winner of the Drop Zone Ticket Draw
Wednesday,31 July 2013

5th Annual Subsea 7 Tee It Up for the Kids Golf Classic
Wednesday,14 August 2013

23rd Annual Easter Seals Regatta
Saturday,24 August 2013

And the winner is...
Tuesday,27 August 2013

North Atlantic continues to support Easter Seals NL through Paper Egg Campaign
Tuesday,27 August 2013

ESNL Athlete at 2013 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships
Sunday,1 September 2013

New season of Sledge Hockey starting October 14th!
Thursday,10 October 2013

Urban Pursuit Support
Friday,11 October 2013

Urban Pursuit Support
Thursday,7 November 2013

Urban Pursuit Success
Monday,25 November 2013

WestJet Support Golf Tourney
Wednesday,12 March 2014

Canadian National Boccia Championships
Tuesday,28 January 2014

Air Canada Support
Friday,11 April 2014

4th Annual Bishops College Relay
Monday,14 April 2014

Trail Rider on the Rock
Sunday,27 July 2014

Pro-Dive Marine Services
Tuesday,15 April 2014

Drop Zone 2014
Saturday,2 August 2014

Ticket Draw Winners
Monday,4 August 2014

Drop Zone Top Fundraising Team
Tuesday,19 August 2014

WestJet Gold Sponsor Winner
Thursday,14 August 2014

Investors Group Support
Thursday,21 August 2014

Urban Pursuit 2014
Saturday,27 September 2014

Top Fundraiser Drop Zone
Friday,31 October 2014

Wednesday,10 December 2014

A Christmas Stocking Surprise from Aliant Pioneers
Friday,12 December 2014